A hand picked, individually packaged Lash Care Kit. This bag has everything you need to keep your lashes clean, healthly and strong! Tame and clear your lashes with our unique, anti-bacterial foam bath and lash wand. Keep your lashes looking beautiful and thick with a  silky smooth lavender syrum. That is made with high grade vitamins such as Biotin(vitamin-b), vatamin-E, Castor oil, and lavender oil. This bundle comes with our Lash Envy Serum, high potent mixtures keep your lashes healthy, and follicles moisurized. Lash Envy promotes lash thickening and length while keeping your skin soft and nurished. The Wicked  Lash Foaming Bath is a strong anti-bacterial lash wash, to keep your lashes clean, we use organic tea tree oil and a mixture of other ingredients for even the most of sensitive skins.



Beauty Brat Lash Kis promote hair growth, thickness, and health. The small-package comes with extreme benefits and high quality ingredients. Organic and natural Castor Oil to seal in moisture and promote healthy, soft skin, and lashes. Organic Lavender Oil with massive benefits such as hair recovery, strengthening of follicles and moisturizing both the skin and hair. All natural Lavender Oil is great for preventing hair breakage. Our extremely high grade Vitamin-E is all natural great for hyper alergenic skin. Vitamin-E oil is naturally protective, creating a layer over the hair to seal in moisture and prevent breakage, but it also provides nurishment for the follicles to increase hair growth. We use high grade biotin mixed with coconut oil for really bring out the most of this amazing serum. Deficiency in Viatamin B is known to cause hair thinning and loss. Vatimin rich products enhance and promote hair growth.


What Comes in the Packages?

You recieve 7 pieces in total! 

1. Lash Envy Serum

1.Wicked Lash Foaming Bath

1. Silicone Lash Brush.

1. Black Mascara Lash Wand

1. Unltra Chic Two-toned Bag

1. Black Super Soft Sensitive Lash Scrub Wand (synthetic)


*Every Package comes with a free small gift. 


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